A Real Tree for Christmas

When I was a kid we had a real tree for a few years, but after a while my parents ended up just buying an artificial one.  Once I had a place of my own I purchased an artificial tree, and every year we pull it out of the attic.

This summer we moved to a new home with just enough space for my Christmas dream:  TWO Christmas trees!  I decided we should try and get a real tree this year, and not just that- we should cut it down ourselves!  I’m so full of great ideas (thank goodness for a husband who puts up with me and my ideas!).  It took a little more work that I thought it would, but it was worth it in the end:

DSC_0535 copy

I seriously love walking by our office at night and staring at it!  We decided to trim it with white, silver, and gold ornaments that we already had.  We will enjoy adding to our collection each year!  As a first timer with a real tree, I thought I’d share some tips:

1.  Be sure you have a tree stand.  We bought one on our way home, but after chopping it down ourselves we were told it had to be in water within an hour or so.

2.  If you cut it down yourself try and cut as straight as you can.  Our trunk was crooked so we came home and straightened it, but we lost a few branches.  It wasn’t that big of a deal as we didn’t want a huge tree for this space, but be prepared to do some straightening.

3.  If you can, try and buy a tree preservative.  As we were paying for our tree we noticed a small bottle and added it to the water when we arrived home.  It’s been 4 1/2 weeks and it really hasn’t lost many needles!

4.  Water it every day.  Or at least water it when you remember.  🙂  We aren’t great about watering it every day but I think we could water it more than we do.  I’ve actually been impressed with how well our tree has held up.  I have always heard about how messy real trees are but so far ours hasn’t shed much more than our artificial tree!  I may change my tune when we drag it out of the house in a few days.  🙂

Are you a real tree or artificial tree person?


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