Design Boards

We moved into our current home 6 months ago.  Before we moved I spent time perusing Pinterest looking for the perfect paint colors, furniture arrangement, and so on.  I was so excited to get into our house and get settled so that I could begin all of the projects!

Of course unpacking took up most of the summer, and then school started and progress on the house came to a halt.  Now that the holidays are over and things are slowly returning to normal I’m finally going to start tackling projects.  First up- the kids’ rooms.

My younger daughter’s room is mostly done and my son’s room is getting there.  My older daughter has ideas for her room, and since she is almost 9 I want to make sure she has a room that she can love for years to come.  I love to make design boards for each room- it helps me to figure out what direction I want to go in each room.  This is one I made for my son’s room:

He is almost three and still in a crib for now but this helps me see what his big boy room might look like when it is finished.  We already have several of the items pictured above:  the rocker, the wall art, clock, curtains, and green gingham accessories.  I enjoy keeping this collection on my computer and adding to it now and then.  If you don’t want to do it on a computer you can also just tear out pictures and create a design board that way.

I hope to be busy the next few months working on some room makeovers.  Here are a few house goals for 2015:

1.  Finish younger daughter’s room:  paint desk, paint chair, hang up shelving, hang curtains

2.  Finish son’s room:  hang shelves, possibly paint the walls, hang artwork, shop for bedding for twin bed

3.  Work on older daughter’s room:  paint walls, paint desk and chair, organize shelves, buy and hang new light fixture, new bedding, new headboard (possibly build this)

I will share the progress as I work towards these goals this year.  I will also share the design boards for the girls’ rooms as well as pictures.  If you would like to try and make a digital design board, there is a great tutorial here.  Good luck!


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