Favorite Finds {World Market}

I really like World Market, but up until recently I would only stop in there once or twice a year.  It’s a 20-minute drive from my house and I really don’t get over that way very often.  However, last year I found that I was always finding the cutest little accessories for the house.  On one stop I picked up this pillow:


On another trip I found this cute little sign.  I loved it because I feel like I’m always making lunch!


Then someone posted about these cute hooks and I had to have them.  I bought one for each of my kids with their initials, and plan on using them in their bathroom:


Last fall we offered to host Thanksgiving for my husband’s family.  I had been planning on building a farmhouse table, but one day I happened to stop in World Market and I loved several of their tables.  I talked to my husband and we decided that after buying materials and tools it probably would cost just as much to make the table as it would to buy one. He talked me into just buying it, and this is the one we ended up bringing home:


I seriously love this table!  It’s the Verona Mahogany table with chairs (we got six chairs instead of the bench).  It’s actually more brown that it looks in this picture.  We’ve eaten there several times already and we just love it.  I didn’t want to invest a ton of money in our dining table- I wanted to actually use it rather than worry about damaging it!  This was the perfect solution.  I love how it looks and it has been durable so far.

I now try to stop in the store every 4-6 weeks if I can.  I have since added these things to our home:

480954_14X3.5"_POWDER_ROOM483152_*MONOGRAM MUG K 14OZ

The powder room sign hangs over our half bath and is perfect since there are three doors in a small hallway.  The K mug is just for me.  I drank my tea out of it yesterday.  Isn’t it so cute?

I stopped by yesterday and ended up leaving without buying anything.  The thing is I wanted ALL THE THINGS so I decided just to come home, decide what I need, and then purchase them online.  Here’s what is in my cart so far:




500425_JAMISON_WIRE_BLUE_SM__________ 500426_JAMISON_WIRE_BLUE_LG__________


I don’t need all of this but it is just so cute!  I will probably end up with the chalkboard and a basket.  Oh, and if you sign up for their rewards program  you get a $10 certificate for every $200 you spend.  It was very helpful when we purchased our furniture!

All of these items can be found on their website.  What is your favorite find at World Market?  Follow me on Pinterest where I will be posting more of my favorite finds!


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