The Story of Our Home

When we bought our first home almost 11 years ago we figured we’d live there for five years, maybe seven.  After nine years we were wondering if we’d ever really move.  We loved our house so much and had really worked hard to make it a home.  I have always loved looking at homes online and knew that if we moved the house and neighborhood would have to be perfect for us.

One day we were driving through my favorite neighborhood and saw an Open House.  The house was a little out of our price range but we decided to check it out.  We loved a lot about it but weren’t really ready to move, so we talked ourselves out of it.  A few days later it was off the market so I figured it had sold at the open house.

Last spring we decided we were ready to start looking for a new home.  My friend and realtor took us to six different homes.  While they were all great, none of them stuck with us like the home we’d walked through in the fall.  Every time we walked into a house we’d compare it to the Open House home and they just never measured up.  They were all quite a bit bigger but the curb appeal and charm of the Open House home was just better overall.

One day I asked my friend to look up the information for the house we loved to see what it had sold for.  She did, and to my surprise it actually hadn’t sold!  She asked if we would want her to contact the listing agent and we couldn’t say “YES!” fast enough.  She called and talked to him and found out that the homeowner had taken the house off of the market for the holidays.  He was planning on listing the house again in just a few weeks.

After a few conversations between the homeowner and our agents we were able to see the house a week after we called.  A day after that we made and offer, and a few days later we settled on an offer and the home was ours.  It was so crazy!  After seeing the house in the fall I had dreamed of what I would do to it, never expecting it to actually be ours one day.  But it is, and we just love it.  Here are the pictures that were taken by the old owner:

 Dining room21255126_201_20



Living Room




21255126_601_128 Basement


Screened-in porch


Master bedroom


Master Bath


Bedroom 1


 Bedroom 221255126_D01_100

Bedroom 3




21255126_E01_100 (1)

Kids’ bath


Back of house





In the end we priced out what we’d have to do to some of the houses in our price range (finish the basements, landscape, add a screened-in porch) and when we figured in those prices it made this house look like a bargain.  We also compared the list price of this house to other homes in the neighborhood and it was actually listed below what other homes had gone for, so we knew that it was a good deal for the area.

It’s been 8 months since we moved in and we just love it here.  We have lots we want to do to the house- paint, update fixtures, etc.  Here’s a mood board I threw together to show what I have in mind:



I’m sure it will change as I find new things but I’m really excited to get started!  In fact, I have already painted two rooms in the house and am working on the third.  It’s exciting to see our dream house turning into our dream home!  I can’t wait to share some fun projects here on the blog.  Stay tuned!  Also, if you want to follow along on my Pinterest boards I have posted link to many of the items pictured above!  Follow me here.


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