Making a Rose out of a Paper Napkin

When we were setting the table for our Easter brunch, I wanted to make our paper napkins look fancy.  I did a quick search for a tutorial but they all seemed a little more advanced.  I finally found one that we tweaked a bit to make it work, so I thought I’d share it.  My daughter helped me with this tutorial.  🙂

First, we took two napkins and some tape.  Unfold your napkin.



Then fold it into a triangular shape.


Starting at the side opposite the point, roll the napkin.



Then tape down the point (this isn’t necessary, but it made it easier for my 7-year-old).


Then begin wrapping the roll.   My daughter used her finger to wrap the napkin, as shown.


Once it is wrapped you can tape down the end if needed.


To make our rose a little bigger, we did the process again and wrapped one more napkin around our flower.


And that’s it!


We used them in our place settings to give them a pop of color.


The original tutorial that I used (that I can’t find, ugh!) did this with cloth napkins.  They only used one napkin and tucked the ends in.  I tried it with a couple of our cloth napkins and it was very easy!



I thought the paper roses could also be used to do a 3-D art project.  Wouldn’t it be cool to put some on a canvas?  Oh, the possibilities!  I will have to tuck that idea away for a rainy summer day project. 🙂



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