Pretty Porch Finds

It’s a little chilly here in Indiana today, but the sun is shining and that makes me happy.  We were able to get outside this past weekend and do a little landscape clean-up.  We also planted some grass and are hoping that will grow despite the drop in temperature.  I will wait a couple more weeks before I plant flowers to make sure the cold is gone for good!

My favorite part of spring is getting out and working in the yard.  There is something so therapeutic about freshening things up and planting baby plants.  I just love it!  I’ve loved planting things ever since my first apartment in college, even if it was just a few flowers.

This year I have a screened-in porch that needs some prettying-up.  We have great furniture from our old house, but I can actually put pillows and other decor out there that I couldn’t use on our deck. Since things are covered and more protected I can really decorate the space- and I’m so excited to do just that!

Last week while my kiddos were at school I had a couple of hours free, so I headed out to try and find some pretty things for the porch.  I want it to be fresh and pretty, beachy yet country.  Does that make sense?  Ha!  I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted until I found a few of these pretty items:


I’m going with navy, blue-green, and maybe some gray thrown in for good measure.  I found the pillows at Target and the large glass candle holder at Pier One.  My mom went to a going-out-of-business sale and picked up the jar with the blue lid (LOVE!).  Then I headed to At Home and found the other goodies.  Those white drawers are actually lined with plastic so that you can plant in them!  Love that!  I can’t wait to get planting, but I will wait just a bit longer to make sure spring is here to stay!


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