An Inviting Entry

I have always loved a beautiful entry table.  In our first apartment our entryway was a narrow hallway, but I still put an entry table there.  It was a great place to throw keys or leave things that we didn’t want to forget to take with us as we left for work.  Our first house had a great entryway- perfect for a table with a little storage.  I love adding a lamp on a timer for extra light at night (as well as a little extra security when we’re away).  It’s also a fun place to decorate for the seasons.  This is our entry a few Christmases ago:

Dec 21 2012_7608


I love perusing Pinterest to find fun ideas for our house, and I’ve fallen in love with several entryways:











The last picture reminds me of our entryway in our new house, with stairs on the left and a doorway on the right.



Those two photos were taken before we moved into the house.  I wasn’t sure if we’d even have room for a table at first.  However, once we moved in I knew I couldn’t live without one!  I searched the internet for something with a little storage, but most of them were too big.  At one point I thought about building something that would fit.  After one more search I found a great little bookshelf on Amazon that was perfect!


I also found a mirror to put above it but I don’t love the size (but I do love having it by the door!  I always check to make sure I don’t have anything crazy on my face before answering it- ha!).  The bookshelf is unfinished, so I am hoping to figure out what to do with it and get that done soon.  Someday it would be nice to put a dresser there that can store hats, gloves, and scarves, but I really love having so many shelves to decorate!  For now I am happy that I was able to fit a table into our entryway.  There’s no space too small for a cute entryway table!


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