During my first pregnancy I was 99% sure I was having a boy.  I was tired and only wanted carbs during the first trimester, but once the second trimester hit I felt amazing.  I had heard from several people that they felt miserable when they were pregnant with girls, so I knew I was having a boy.  We didn’t find out what we were having during our 20-week ultrasound.  I was very surprised when I went into labor and came home with a daughter!

The second pregnancy was the same- felt great, thought it was a boy, came home with another beautiful girl.  So when I felt great during my third pregnancy I knew I was going to be a mom of three girls.  After the baby was delivered the doctor looked at my husband and asked him if he would like to announce it.  I will never forget my husband looking at me, saying “we have a SON!”  I cried so many happy tears.

I quickly fell in love with my little boy, just as I did my daughters.  I cuddled him more because I knew time would fly.  Soon he turned into a toddler.  It was a little more work keeping up with him, but he made me smile and laugh and brought so much joy to our family.  He continues to do so to this day.

I have a lot to learn about being a boy mom.  I grew up with two sisters and have two daughters, so the boy world is a new one for me.  But I’ve discovered that while it can be messy and sometimes exhausting it’s also pretty darn amazing.

I am always impressed with how quickly and thoroughly my son wears out his shoes.  We sure do get our money’s worth!


With my daughters I learned how many different types of My Little Ponies there are.  With my son, I am dumbfounded that there are way, way, WAY more cars and trucks.  They are often left all over the house.  There are dump trucks parked in my entryway daily.


Also?  Holes in jeans and pants.  We have gone through at least six pairs of jeans this year.  Some of them were hand-me-downs, but several of them were new.  Again, we get our money’s worth out of them!


I’ve learned how to Magic Erase Sharpie markers off my kitchen cabinets, how to play with cars (so much easier than playing ponies with the girls!), and am just now navigating the waters of potty-training a boy.  Scary stuff.  But I’m also falling more in love with a little boy who has the best smile, who asks a billion questions per hour, and who has the sweetest little lovie.


I love having daughters.  They are both amazing and awesome in their own ways.  But a certain little boy has a part of my heart.  Everyday he helps me notice things that I normally wouldn’t “”Look at that excavator!  Is that a flatbed truck?  Look at that big bug!”  Everyday I’m thankful for his hugs, his kisses, his ‘I love you’s.  Everyday I am so thankful that I get to be a boy mom.



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