An Easy Summer Bucket List

I always look forward to summer break and having my kids home for a couple of months.  I told this to someone recently who told me that she was the exact opposite:  summer caused her lots of anxiety.  I get that, too.  When my kids were younger summer was a bit overwhelming.  Now that they are 9, 7, and 3 it is a bit easier.

A couple of years ago I was ready for summer break once it came.  I made a jar filled with ideas of things we could do each day.  If the kids had a good day we’d pick an activity and do it the next day.  It was great at first- I felt like a really good mom!  But then a few weeks (oh, who am I kidding?  DAYS) set in and it wasn’t quite as fun.  The kids would pull out a paper that said to have a water balloon fight but we wouldn’t have water balloons.  They’d pull out one that read we’d go somewhere but the weather forecast looked iffy.  We’d go through several slips just to find one that would work.  It ended up being fine but by the end of summer I was ready to see the jar go.

Last summer we moved and I knew it would be hard to get lots of fun things done.  I saw people posting bucket lists and knew that we just wouldn’t be able to get even half of their lists checked off.  I wanted it to be a fun summer in spite of the move, so I came up with our own summer bucket list- an easy version that was very do-able.  I had my two oldest kiddos write down 5 things that they really wanted to do this summer.  I was expecting them to write hard or expensive things, but it turns out a trip to a favorite pool, a day at a new park, and a sleepover with a friend was really all they needed and wanted.  We were able to do all the things on the list last summer in between the unpacking.  Once it was time to go back to school we all felt good about our summer break.

I decided to try this again this year.  I’ve learned over the years that while schedules are sometimes good for my kids, the older they get the more they crave time just to play.  I want summer to be fun without being over-scheduled so I made another bucket list for them.


They wrote down five things each and once again they had surprisingly simple requests:  go to the zoo, build a fort,  swim at a favorite pool, and my favorite:  have the best summer EVER.    DSC_1160_edited-1I think we can make that happen.  🙂

To get your own printable summer bucket list click here:  SumBucket

Happy Summer Break!


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