Our Back Porch

Our screened porch is easily our favorite place in our house.  We used it a lot last summer and knew that this summer we’d use it even more.  Since the beginning of May we’ve eaten most of our dinners out here, my husband has worked out here, I’ve read a book, and my husband and son even took a nap together.  We just love this space!

I was really looking forward to doing some decorating out there, so as soon as the weather got a little warmer I went shopping.  We’ve had the furniture for 9 or 10 years but I wanted to add some pillows and pops of color.  I shared some fun finds in a previous post.  Then I set to work trying to liven up this space:





Here is how it looks now:






My girls even spruced up their fairy garden:


It’s still a work in progress and there are some things I’d like to add, but it’s a good start for this year.  I sometimes find that I have to live with a space for a while to figure out what else it needs.  I’d love to add some decor on the walls, a rug, and maybe some pops of pink.  I tried to do that by adding pink impatiens but I still want just a little more.  I’m looking forward to shopping some clearance sales to find things to add, but for now we are just enjoying this cozy space!

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