Project Progress

Oh, hey!  I’m still here.

I didn’t mean to take a four-month blogging break.  I honestly thought I’d blog more this summer, but I was just having too much fun having my kiddos at home.  It turns out I really, really enjoy not having a schedule.  My girls swam on our neighborhood swim team which did give us a little bit of a schedule, but for the most part we enjoy the lack of rushing around to school, sports, etc.

My girls have been in school for about eight weeks now and we are settling into the routine. I have finished up a couple of projects that I can’t wait to share, and I am excited to start planning more projects for the house.  This doesn’t mean they will get a done in a timely manner, of course.  I still have my little guy at home, and the start of school brings its busy-ness.  I hope to get a couple of bigger projects done this fall, but we’ll see how that goes!

One project I’ve been dreaming about for months is our dining room.  At our old house our dining room was used as our playroom, and I just love having an actual dining room at this house.  We love to gather our family and friends and have used it even more than we thought we would.  We bought a table soon after we moved in so we could host our first Thanksgiving with my husband’s family.  Since then I’ve been dreaming about paint colors and other projects.

Our entire house is painted the same shade of beige, and while I love it, it feels a little blah with all of the furniture we have.  I’m dreaming of greenish grays to grace the walls, and maybe some bluish grays as well.  I am almost done with our laundry room and it turned out exactly as I had hoped.  I kind of want to sleep in there, I love it so much.  Once I saw the gray on the wall I couldn’t wait to start another room.  However, I didn’t just want to rush into just any paint color.

I really like a lot of the Sherwin Williams grays.  Passive, Argos, and Gray Matters are three of my favorites.  I want to buy samples of them, but I also had an idea to “try them on” online.  I did a Google search and sure enough Sherwin Williams has a link you can use to “try on” colors.  I uploaded a picture of our dining room (the one that was used in the listing for our house) and went from there.  Here is the color we have now:


I’ve been wanting to paint the room Argos, so I tried that color.  The visualizer isn’t perfect- it took all of the tones of our beige wall and turned them all gray, including our beige carpet.  Ha!  But it does give me an idea:  Untitled_edited-1

I love it!  It’s exactly what I had pictured in my head.  I might even try a shade darker (SW Gray Matters).  I will probably buy a few samples to try.  It’s fun to see the ideas in my head turn into reality, even if the room isn’t painted yet.  If only I could just click and have it done!  🙂

We’ve lived in our house for over a year, and it’s fun to finally start seeing my vision for this beautiful home coming to life.  I still have a lot of work ahead of me but thankfully I love the process!  Next week I hope to share our laundry room.  It took me a lot of the spring and the summer but I am honestly in love with it!


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