Our Laundry Room

I have been looking forward to posting about this makeover for weeks.  Okay, months.  It has taken months (11 to be exact!) to get this room done.  That’s the hard part of doing renovations yourself.  It takes longer but in the end it saves lots of money and is that much more rewarding.  I wish I could’ve snapped my fingers and had this done but it was worth the wait.  I just love this room.

When I started this just after Christmas last year, our room was this taupe color.  It had a shelf that included a bar for hanging items, but it stuck out into the room and made it seem that much smaller.  The room is only 6 feet by 7 feet, so any lost space was definitely noticeable.  As soon as I took that shelf down it felt bigger!


It took me a few months to finish up my board and batten in the laundry room.  This has been so much better than the shelf.  My kiddos hang their jackets and backpacks, and occasionally I’ll throw up something wet that needs to dry.  It’s perfect.


Then the room looked like this for a couple of months:


Dark and blah.  I had a vision in my head but I was so scared to start the project.  I’ve done simple renovations before but this was a big undertaking.  I was hoping to build out the cabinets and dress them up a little with crown molding and shelves on the side.  Yes, it’s just a laundry room.  However, when you come in the back door it’s the first room you see.  I wanted it to be pretty so that when people came over I didn’t always have to close the door.  🙂

I started building out the top of the cabinet first:



Next I added crown molding and secured that to the frame.  Then I secured the frame to the wall.  After that I started building the shelves on the side.  Originally I was hoping not to have a back to the unit, but I couldn’t figure out a great way to attach it otherwise.  I ended up building a box that fit in the space on the right side of the cabinets.  Then I added a shelf in the middle.  I don’t have a tutorial for this and when you get up close it’s not perfect, but I love how it all turned out.

Once I built out the cabinets I primed them and painted them in SW Pure White.  Finally I painted the entire room which made such a huge difference!  The color is Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore and it might just be my favorite.  So here is our laundry room- new and improved!


I love this room.

I’ve redone lots of rooms, some of them twice.  But this is my favorite (so far!).


This summer I was frustrated with the progress (or lack thereof) and told my husband I wished I could just hire the whole house done.  He told me that we should look into it.  Of course then I told him that I really didn’t want to do that.  I like taking our time and budgeting for projects.  I like doing things myself to save money.  I just wish I had a clone that could work on things while I was busy doing other, more-important things.  🙂

Seeing this room reminds me how worth it it is to be patient.






I’m also working on painting all the doors and replacing all the hardware on them.  We have a LOT of doors in our house, so this will be another S-L-O-W project.  But I like how this door looks (the one and only one that is done).  🙂


I would say the total cost of this room makeover is under $200.  That includes the cost of lumber for the wall and cabinets, new hardware for the cabinets and door, paint for the walls, hooks for the board and batten, and a new light fixture.  Since I didn’t buy it all at once it wasn’t a real budget-buster.


Now I’m motivated to do more rooms.  Most of what I want to do just involves paint.  However, I like to paint the ceiling when I paint rooms so that slows me down just a bit.


I just have to remember that it’s all worth it in the end!


Now, would anyone like to come over and help me paint?  🙂




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