Changes in the Dining Room

A few weeks ago I shared a picture of how our dining room looked before we moved in.  A few weeks before that I took some pictures to show the progress we’ve made so far in the room.

Before we moved in:


At the beginning of fall:



And now:


I ordered the light fixture back in May, but it was backordered until July.  When it arrived we were busy and didn’t try to install it until the end of August.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get it put together correctly, so we called the company and they told us they’d gladly replace it.  Of course it was backordered again until October, but as soon as it came we put it together and hung it up.  I love it!


Can you see my buddy hiding in the picture above?  🙂  I also purchased the chairs recently so that we can seat 8 people without bringing in other chairs.  Yay!  My next projects will be painting the pillars all white, installing molding under the chair rail, painting the ceiling (I do this in every room before I paint the walls), and finally painting the walls.  Ideally we will have this done before Christmas, but we’ll see.


It has come a long way, and just that updated light fixture has made a huge difference!  I can’t wait to see how it turns out in the end.


(Chairs and table are from World Market, chandelier is from Shades of Light, wall piece is from Hobby Lobby, wreath is from Target)


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