Updating Our Kitchen

I fell in love with the kitchen in our house the first time I walked into it.  The white cabinets and black counters along with the stainless steel appliances were pretty much what my dreams were made of.  I don’t really dream about kitchens, but if I did, I’m sure those things would be in it.  🙂

Here’s how it looked when we first saw it:


It definitely had potential!

As soon as we moved in we knew the light fixture had to go, so that was one of the first things we did.  We also added my collected accessories above the cabinets.  Those two things made a huge difference:


The next thing I knew I wanted to change was the wall color.  It took me some time but I finally decided on Sherwin Williams Passive.  It’s a pretty gray with a hint of blue that I knew would brighten up this space.



The thing that has taken me the longest to choose is the backsplash.  I really wanted to lose the backsplash lip (the dark granite on the wall) and have the backsplash go down to the counter.  I couldn’t choose a backsplash, and then once I did I couldn’t figure out how to tile around this wonky outlet:


I’m happy to say that I finally figured it all out.  Here’s a look at what I hope to do to add a little more of me to our kitchen:



I’m painting the walls SW Passive, the trim SW Pure White, the ceiling will be white, and I’ll have a marble backsplash added.


I’m pretty much done with everything, I just need to work on a new faucet for the sink.  I may not get that done for a while, so I’ll be back soon to share how the kitchen looks now!



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