Our Kitchen Reveal

It’s really amazing what paint and a new backsplash can do to refresh a room.  That’s all we did to our kitchen and it has made a huge difference!  My husband and I were talking recently about how nice it would have been to do all of our updates before we moved into the house.  However, I also liked not feeling rushed into a decision.  In this case I searched several stores for several months before finally deciding on the tile.  I quickly fell in love with the Venatino marble subway tile from Lowe’s, but I looked around before finally going with it (and then second-guessing my decision until it was finally installed).  I also mentioned in the last post that I chose Sherwin-Williams Passive for the paint color.  It was the perfect color to brighten up this room!

Okay, enough with the words- here are a few pictures!  This is how the room looked just a few weeks ago:


And here it is now:


Different, right?!


I removed the 4″ granite backsplash that went up the wall from the counter so that the tile could go all the way down.  I think removing that alone did wonders for the room.



One of my biggest dilemmas was how to tile around the outlet by the door.  After talking it over with the tiling professional, I ended up taking the tile to the wall.  I think this looks better than having it capped anyway.


The salesman at Lowe’s recommended gray grout to help make the tiles pop, and I really like how it looks.  Since this goes behind the sink I also won’t be as worried about staining the grout with splatters.


This wall was tricky for me.  We have the big air vent that sticks out as well as our bulletin board full of my kids’ artwork.  The vent was originally off-white, but I decided to paint it black.  I think I like it!


Another view (please ignore the boring beige living room, the laundry basket, and the toys!  That room is next on the list for a makeover):


We really love how this room turned out.  While the tiling wasn’t an inexpensive addition because we hired it done, it was worth it because of what it adds to the room.  And because it took me almost a year to decide on tile, we had plenty of time to save for this project.  😉


We have a few more little changes to make in this room, but the majority of it is done- and we love it!

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