Using Outdoor Rugs Indoors

We have been in need of a new rug under our kitchen table for a couple of years.  It’s now 12 years old and showing its age, no matter how many times I clean and vacuum it.  We had a rug similar to this from Home Decorators.  I will say that it has held up to the wear and tear from three kiddos quite well!


I’ve been looking for the perfect rug but there are so many pretty ones out there.  I recently read a tip to use indoor/outdoor rugs in high-traffic/high-use areas and I thought that was genius.  I started to look at indoor/outdoor rugs and was amazed at how many pretty rugs there are.  Here’s a few of my favorites:


I love the natural look of this rug to add texture and contrast to a room.  I found that my rug cleaned up well, but since it was an indoor rug the fibers pulled easily when the chairs were pulled out, so over time the rug looked very shaggy.  This one may hold up better since it’s also meant for the outdoors.  (From Home Decorator’s Collection)


I really love this rug!  If it came in black I think I would choose this one for my kitchen.  I love the gray but I think it might be too much gray for that room.  I sure do love this rug, though! (From Home Decorator’s Collection)


I love Navy and think this would look really nice under my table- plus the pattern would help to hide messes!  (From HDC)


This is a favorite.  I love stripes!  (From HDC)


I really like the pattern in this rug, and think the black and white would be a great option for our kitchen.  (From Ballard Designs)

T_WithoutZoom (1)

I like all of these colors!  This is a fun rug.  (From Ballard Designs)

I ended up choosing one of these rugs for our kitchen.  It was a hard decision but I knew one of them would be perfect for the space.  Can you guess which one it is?  I’ll be back soon to show you!


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