A Small Bath Makeover {Before}

I spent most of yesterday giving our small downstairs bathroom a makeover.  It’s a great little bathroom, but it needed some freshening up.  Last week we had a new toilet installed that matches the sink and I figured it was a great time for some paint and other little new touches.  I had planned on taking half the day yesterday to paint and replace a light fixture.  The light fixture replacement alone ended up taking almost three hours (including a trip to the hardware store).  Isn’t that the way home projects always go?  🙂

I did get the painting finished before dinner last night and this morning I’ve been finishing up the trim.  It needed a fresh coat of white and boy does it make a difference!  I’ll be honest- I sat in the bathroom for a few minutes enjoying how pretty and fresh it looks!  I sure do love a makeover.  I still have a couple more things to do before I reveal the finished room (hopefully by the end of the week!).  For now, I’ll share some befores:


I love the cabinet above the toilet, and the sink is very pretty, too.  I replaced the mirror recently with one we had above our fireplace at the old house.  The beige was okay, but our entire house is that color and I was ready for something different.


Here is an idea of what it will all look like in the end!  I’m painting the walls Light French Gray by Sherwin Williams and I LOVE it.  Love.  I can’t wait to get this finished up and share the after pictures!



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